Friday, January 22, 2010

Hooray for Friday!

Friday's may just be my favorite day of the week. Not Saturday, not Sunday, but Friday. Fridays are (usually) the one day that none of our sports teams are playing, so I can actually go home and not worry about work.

Today started out on the right foot since the scale said that I've lost two pounds! Last week I maintained, which didn't disappoint me at all since I was out of town for four days. But two whole pounds! That's eight sticks of butter!

At any rate, after I bundled up and walked with Kobe this morning, I did two sets of push-ups and hopped on the treadmill for 20 minutes of run/walk intervals (week 2 of the Couch to 5K program) Running is getting easier, at least for my mind and respiratory system, but my legs get so tired. I think most of it is that my legs to haven't really moved that fast before, much less for 90 second stints. This morning I kept thinking, "Legs, why are you so tired? All you did was walk yesterday, and now you're carrying a whole two pounds less!" I don't think they really listened, but they did carry me through 1.75 miles on the treadmill.

My reward for the lower number on the scale this morning was some raisins in my oatmeal. Of course I had a banana.

Lunch will be a repeat of the last few days: spinach salad and butternut squash soup. I am very excited about my dinner tonight since Friday and Saturday are my "let loose" eating days (not too loose, just enough to keep me from going too crazy). I'll be having leftover barbecue chicken pan pizza, salad, and an individual fruit crumble for dessert.

Other plans for this afternoon include a run to the grocery store, getting part of the cleaning finishes, watching a move, and scratching Kobe's  head.

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