This blog is about trying to achieve balance. I'm currently going through a stressful stage, so being healthy is really important. Basically, I just quit my job in South Carolina, and the dog and I will be moving to Michigan to be with my husband. We're also trying to sell our house which is bringing on a lot of anxiety.

I wasn't always very healthy. As a child and teenager, I had poor eating habits. I drank lots of Coke, ate lots of cookies, candy and fast food, and HATED vegetables (except for canned green beans cooked with bacon). Also, I didn't exercise. Yep, I was that kid who always finished dead last in every physical fitness test. It wasn't my fault, it wasn't my parents fault-- we just didn't know about the effects our diets and (lack of) activity had on health. The turning point came when I was 18, and the doctor told me that it wouldn't hurt to lose 10 pounds, and that Weight Watchers was a great program. My mom and I signed up, started learning how to eat better, and began exercising. We both lost weight and felt a lot better.

Despite falling off the wagon a couple of times, I'm probably the healthiest I've ever been. My last job was very stressful, lots of deadlines, and I had to work nights and weekends all the time. But, I still woke up early to get in a workout and cook a healthy breakfast.

With the help of our dog, Kobe, I get some sort of physical activity in almost every day. I strive to eat meals based around vegetables and not around meat (not that I don't like meat, I just try to have a few meatless days each week). Eating healthy and exercising helps me maintain some balance and keeps me (somewhat) sane.