Favorite Workouts

Exercising is something I strive to do almost every day. I really don't enjoy going to the gym (to be honest, I'm REALLY self-conscious and all those weight machines scare me, not to mention I'm pretty clumsy). I love to walk/jog outside (or on the treadmill) and hike, but mostly I do exercise DVDs. Here are a few of my favorite workouts that I keep coming back to over and over again. You can get most of these at Collage Video or Amazon.com.

Weight & Cardio Workouts
The FIRM Time Crunch Workout *This is my all-time fave! The video that got me hooked on exercising*
The FIRM Total Body Time Crunch
The FIRM Crosstrainer Series: Strength and Cardio

The FIRM Parts Series: Upper Body
The FIRM Maximum Body Shaping
The FIRM: Supercharged Sculpting
Gilad Express Workouts
Prevention's Fight Cellulite Fast (Lower Body)
Tamilee Webb's I Want That Body (Upper Body and Lower Body segments)
Get Ripped

Prevention: Walk Your Way Slim
Cardio Burn Weight Loss
Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim system: Fast Start, 3-mile walk, 4 Fast Miles

Karen Voight's Yoga Focus (Relaxation)
AM/PM Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss
AM/PM Stretch
AM Yoga for Your Week
Yoga for Stress Relief