Sunday, January 3, 2010

Arms, Abs, and a Walk

The scale and I had a rather unpleasant encounter this morning when it displayed a number I wasn't too happy with. At least I know where I'm starting at and I was able to set a goal to lose 15 pounds.  After eating a  breakfast of bran flakes, a banana, and tea, I dusted and mopped the house.  Then I did the second program from I Want Those Arms and Jiggle Free Abs.

For lunch I ate a salad with feta cheese, craisins, chicken, glazed walnuts, and a piece of toast. Will and I took the dog on a 40-minute walk in the afternoon.

I snacked on a couple of tortilla chips, cereal, and an apple during the afternoon. Dinner was a salad, chicken chilaquiles, and rice. For dessert I had a cup of tea sweetened with agave nectar and an orange.

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