Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Today was a busy again. After letting Kobe outside this morning and eating breakfast, I was on the go for the rest of the morning. I cleaned, washed dishes, jogged, showered and ate lunch. Then it was off to the office to get ready for today's softball doubleheader (which was played in the rain--blech!).

I finally got home around 6 p.m., headed out for a walk around the block with Kobe, where we were pestered by the neighbor's yappy Chihuahua. when we got back, I had a salad and a small bowl of soup before writing the game story for softball. After wrapping up work, I chopped up a sweet potato for some fries (and I love sweet potatoes so much I ate all the fries--there were a lot!). For dessert I had a few chocolate chips, a peanut butter cookie, an orange, and tea.

Here's a short recap of my meals except dinner:

Breakfast-blueberry oatmeal with Better N' Peanut Butter, banana
Lunch-ham and cheese on rye, salad, pickle, orange
Snacks-apple, 2 Starbursts, almonds, craisins

It's early bedtime tonight--I'm beat.

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