Saturday, March 6, 2010

Snacking through Saturday

It's almost 4 p.m., and so far the only meal I've eaten has been breakfast...

...which was big bowl of banana raisin cashew butter oatmeal with wheatberries.

Before heading out to score a lacrosse game, I snacked on a salad.

I hardly have any portable food in the house (well, nothing that you could tote in a laptop bag and eat without heating up), except for a few Odwalla bars leftover from a trip to Whole Foods back in January. So, while waiting for the game to start, I ate one...

I really liked this bar. It didn't taste artificial like a lot of bars do, and it wasn't too sweet.

My favorite Odwalla flavor is the chocolate and peanut butter, but that one is being saved. I also snacked on a Jonagold apple during the game (what can I say our team won 23-7-- it was pretty boring after a while).

Of course I was hungry when I got home around 3, so I broke out the soy sauce wasabi almonds and a few craisins.

These are soooo good!

I've got to head back out to the fields in a couple of hours, but I think I'll relax in front of the TV for a bit and then let Kobe out in the yard.

Oh yeah, no exercise today since it's my rest day!

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