Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today was so cold! I spent all afternoon sitting outside watching a softball doubleheader and I was absolutely frozen by the time I got home! My stomach was also hungry, since I left my afternoon apple in the office. At least I fueled up at lunch with a bowl of baked potato soup and a salad.

I did end up eating an apple when I got home, but I needed something to warm me up, so a bowl of Italian lentil soup with some brown rice really hit the spot. To get in some greens, I also ate a salad.

For dessert, I had a peanut butter sandwich cookie, orange, and a tea.

This morning Kobe and I got our walk in, and I cleaned the house after we got home. For breakfast, I ate two scrambled eggs with 2 small pieces of toast and a banana.

Tonight's laundry night (and work night-boo :-(), and I figured since I was home, I'd cook up some wheatberries.

I bought some from Whole Foods a couple of months ago.

I simmered them in boiling, salted water for about an hour.

Then I drained them and put them in a storage container-- I'm going to put some in my oatmeal for breakfast and see how that tastes.

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