Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today was a blah day-- nothing awful happened I just felt off. Maybe it's because I was running late again. My cell phone alarm went off at the right time, but I felt so good this morning, I decided to do one of the harder workouts in my collection: Firm Cardio. It's not a true cardio workout, it's weights with a couple of cardio segments thrown in, and the weight work really keeps your heart rate up. That workout is about an hour long, so by the time I finished the DVD and ate breakfast (oatmeal with pears and raisins), I was running about 30 minutes behind.

I was in such a rush to get to work, I pulled on my favorite pair of North Face pants, a Think Pink t-shirt, and tennis shoes. It was a no make-up day, but it didn't matter because no one came by my office.

Lunch was a salad and bean soup. I snacked on an apple, some almonds, and craisins.

Tonight I really needed a beer, and fortunately there were a few bottles of my favorite brand in the fridge.

And a beer paired perfectly with my grilled chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries.

I marinated the chicken in some marinade and topped with barbecue sauce-yum!

For dessert I had an orange, and now I'm relaxing with a cup of honey vanilla chamomile tea. Tonight's a "late" night since I must stay up until 10 p.m. to watch Lost. I can't believe it's the final season and I still have NO idea what's going on. I think I'll watch a little bit of American Idol, too.

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