Friday, March 26, 2010

My Boys!

My apologies for not posting, but I've been a bit distracted because my hubby flew down for a visit!!! I have really missed him and am so glad he his here!

Kobe is glad that Will is home too. Here's Will wiping Kobe down after he gave him a bath. Kobe is so happy to be done with that chore (he hates baths).

Today Will walked Kobe, so I was able to do the Firm's Maximum Body Shaping DVD and yoga this morning before work. Breakfast consisted of a banana before my workout, and then a bowl of raising oatmeal with chocolate Better 'N Peanut Butter and an orange.

I picked up lunch for us at Chick-fil-A: I had a chicken tender salad with honey mustard dressing and a diet lemonade. I just <3 CFA!

Since I have to work all weekend, I left work early to come home and relax (a.k.a. getting laundry done) and watch Oprah and a some Food Network. This afternoon I snacked on another orange, a pickle, and some almonds. My appetizer was a salad, and I made chicken fajitas for dinner. I ate two HUGE fajitas (but the tortillas were whole wheat so I don't feel so bad) and drank beer-you can't have Mexican food without beer (it's a fact-look it up!). I promised Will an ice cream sundae since he washed the dishes, so we headed to McDonald's after dinner.

We watched Up tonight-- it was such a cute movie!

I'm worn out (can't believe it's already 10) and will be heading to bed shortly. Tomorrow hubby and I are going for a run and I'm making a special breakfast.

Here's a short recap of yesterday:

Workout: walk with Kobe, 25 minute run

Breakfast: banana, cinnamon apple raisin oatmeal with a scoop of real peanut butter
Lunch: lentil soup and salad
Snack: apple, almonds
Dinner: Beans and rice
Drink: BEER!
Dessert: Orange and tea

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