Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pantry Pilfer

My pantry is a little out of control. I have WAY to much food in it for one person. Here's a tour to prove my point:

Not only is there a spice cabinet...

There's also a spice rack...

Here's the rice/pasta/snack cabinet...

Top shelf: pasta; Middle shelf: cous cous, rice, tea, honey, pasta lentils.

And two more views of the pantry...

Rice, canned soup, toothpicks, popcorn, macaroni, dried milk and potato flakes (for baking)

Canned tomatoes, pickles, brown rice in the back, chicken stock, salt, cocoa powder.

Let's not forget the freezer...

Rolls, soup, leftover lentils, frozen veggies, meat sauce, ham hocks, cranberries, semolina and whole wheat flour, cookies, and ice cream

And the freezer door...

Cashews, walnuts, coffee, sesame seeds, bacon, ice pack, two containers of bread crumbs, limeade, pine nuts, peanuts, and flax seeds

And I didn't even show you the "baking" cabinets with flour, salt, candy, and sugar.

My action plan to cut the pantry down to size: pick an ingredient from the pantry each week and make meals around it. This week's star ingredient is canned tomatoes. My action plan is to make a big batch of pasta sauce tomorrow, eat pasta a couple of times this week, and make a pizza for Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow. That way I can make the crust from scratch, and top it with the pasta sauce.

Kobe and I went for our usual walk this morning-- he's looking quite dashing since he had a bath yesterday :-). We almost had a run-in with a Chihuahua, but fortunately the yappy squirt stayed on its porch.

It was back to oatmeal for breakfast (with pumpkin, raisins, cinnamon, and Better 'N Peanut Butter mixed in). Of course I had a banana and a cup of tea.

This morning I went to the grocery store and post office. When I got home, I did a little cleaning and started the laundry.

Lunch is going to be leftover lentils (I've been eating that all week and there's still more in the freezer).

I've got to work a basketball doubleheader tonight so I'll need to fix a sandwich and apple to take to munch on. I'll probably make a craisin, feta, and walnut salad. Mmmm....

I'm off to do the laundry!

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