Thursday, February 18, 2010


Once again, the winter Olympics have amazed me-- the downhill skiers reach speeds of 80+ miles per hour! I don't even drive that fast on the interstate, and these women are FLYING down mountains at this speed in spandex and a helmet. Whoa.

Despite watching the fabulous athleticism of these athletes, I'm still huffin' and puffin' through my treadmill workouts. Since the house appraiser came today, I spent about 30 minutes after the morning walk straightening up and cleaning the house. After that, I did a 15-minute yoga session for relaxation from the Yoga for Stress Relief DVD. After work, I had to get one of my walk/jog sessions in. I can't say that I enjoy jogging, but it's getting easier, and I feel great once I'm down with  my workout. Jogging is such a great stress reliever-- I don't think about anything else going on when my feet are pounding the treadmill. I think I'll do one more week 5 Couch to 5K session before moving onto to week 6.

Of course, all that jogging gave me an appetite, so after my workout I had a big dinner. I started with a feta and craisin spinach salad, and then ate a roll and a big bowl of Goode Bean Soup while watching Samantha Brown of the Travel Channel vacation in Vancouver. That woman has the world's best job.
A chocolate craving hit me after dinner, so I had some super dark chocolate with my orange and tea. 

I also ate a bowl of soup for lunch with a piece of bread, and snacked on an orange at the office and some dill pickle cashews when I got home. Breakfast was a bowl of blueberry oatmeal with Better 'N Peanut Butter and a banana. 

Tonight I've got to post some swimming results, and hopefully will get a chance to read some of my book. Since I'll be at Limestone all day Saturday and Sunday, the plan is to leave work early tomorrow and get my errands finished.

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