Monday, February 15, 2010

Ho hum...

Today was another ho hum Monday. Nothing exciting happened, just a calm day.

Kobe and I went for our usual walk this morning and I did the AM Stretch DVD when we returned .For breakfast, I had 2 scrambled eggs, toast with blackberry preserves, and a banana. Lunch was a salad, a small bowl of black bean soup, and some leftover sweet potato fries. Some craisins helped satisfy my sweet tooth.

Since I only have two apples left, I snacked on an orange at my desk. When I got home from work, Kobe got to play in the yard, and I got to wipe off his muddy paws. Then, it was time to run! (And yes, I'm still doing week 5 of the cardio coach program.) I did a short stretch before fixing dinner: gnocchi with Meaderville spaghetti sauce. Then I ate an orange and had a cup of tea before hopping in the shower.

Tonight I've got to post basketball results, so I'll probably watch some Olympic coverage. In the  meantime I'm watching a No Reservations marathon on the Travel Channel.

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