Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time to get packing!

Before I get to the dreaded packing, here are some photos of some flowers that were growing in our overgrown yard. *Please note the yard is not overgrown now as our kind neighbor mowed it last week*.

I think they must be some type of weed-- but they were pretty.

Ah-- now that you're relaxed I'll give you an update on THE MOVE. The mover is coming on Saturday morning at 9 a.m., so I have been hustling to get everything in to boxes.

So far I've been through 3 1/2 rolls of bubble wrap, dozens of sheets of packing paper, and dozens of boxes. There are boxes in the bedrooms, boxes in the living room, boxes in the hallways (which creates a fire hazard, but more importantly interferes with Kobe's ability to sufficiently patrol the house), boxes in the guest bedroom, boxes in my bedroom, boxes in the closets... You get the idea.And though the sight of these boxes would make me feel great about all the packing accomplished to date, I'm still freaking out that it's not going to get done.

 I've used about 1/2 of this HUGE roll of wrap.

Here's a status update/action plan for all of the rooms:

Kitchen- PACKED(except for a few essentials-a skillet, a pot, some utensils, bowls, and plates)
Laundry room- some stuff packed; waiting to do a final load of laundry on Friday night/early Saturday. Pretty much will toss everything into a box and load it up
Workout room- PACKED (except for my exercise equipment.... and the VCR.... and the TV.... and my exercise DVDs-I've gotta keep up with my workouts!)
Hokie room (aka guest room): state of chaos and I am tackling it tonight!
The bedroom-nightstands & the extra dresser are pretty much packed; final attack on this room will be Thursday
Bathrooms/Hall closet-- some stuff is packed, but this in on my to do list for Wednesday
Misc. stuff- I've got several of the paintings/posters/knick knacks in boxes. Friday's plan is to go around the house and remove hooks, nails, etc., and patch up the holes.

Okay, just writing about that has gotten me out of breath!

Now I'm waiting on my car to get back from getting an oil change. I figured it would be a good idea to have that taken care of before driving 800+ miles this month.

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