Saturday, May 22, 2010

A little overboard

I went a little overboard in the fattening food department today, indulging in too much cheese, too many pita chips, cake and ice cream. Fortunately I got in over 1 1/2 hours of exercise, so I'm hoping that will balance out the calorie intake.

My exercise extravaganza started with a 40-minute walk with Kobe this morning. Isn't he the cutest pup you've ever seen? ;-)

Then, after a big bowl of oatmeal, I did Gaiam's Sculpt and Tone, which is an hour long workout. Honestly, I wasn't very impressed with the intensity of the workout, I didn't click with the instructor, and found the routine to be very repetitive.

After all that exercise I was hungry, so I ate the other half of my sandwich from lunch yesterday, leftover spinach salad , and a small bowl of fruit salad.

My mom wanted to get a bottle of wine, so Dad was kind enough to drive us to Helen, Ga., to the Habersham Winery.

We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Mom and I watched the Food Network, and she was kind enough to puppy-sit while I did some laundry (Kobe isn't ready to be off-leash with the cat yet).

Dinner was simple and easy tonight: salad, cheese, and bread.

Brie cheese



Super Veggie Salad with even more cheese (feta)

Pretzel roll from the Corner Cafe in Buckhead (my favorite bread! Unfortunately all the salt fell off the crust during transport, but it was still good-especially with the brie.)

And dessert was a Turtle cupcake from Carolyn's Cupcakes and a small container of diet ice cream.

I am a lover of all kinds of ice cream, and the only complaint I Have about low-fat, low-calorie versions is they usually have an artificial after taste. Oh well, at least my ice cream craving was satisfied.

Tomorrow should be a fun day-- we're taking Kobe on a hike and tomorrow night is the finale of Lost!

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