Friday, May 21, 2010

Decadent Day

Today was a decadent day, with the most self-indulging part being dessert, which was a Decadent Chocolate Cupcake from Carolyn's Cupcakes and some strawberries. My other indulgences included a much needed haircut, a pretty good beer, and lunch out with my mom.

The clouds were looming this morning, but Kobester and I managed to get a walk in, although we did get rained on in the last 5 minutes. When we got home, I joined Mom for the last 10 minutes of her aerobics workout and then did some stretching on my own before cooking a bowl of apple raisin cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast.

We went to lunch at Natalie Jane's Cafe in Clarkesville, Ga. I had half of a very large turkey sandwich on wheat bread and a small spinach salad. Afterwards we headed to Bumbleberry Yarn and Gifts on the square where Mom got her Mother's Day present: a skein of yarn and some new knitting needles.

The rest of the afternoon was spent baking brownies, checking my email and Google Reader, and cooking dinner.

I did manage to squeeze in happy hour that included a bottle of Sweet Water Brewing Company's Road Trip Ale (which was VERY good)....

.... some pita chips...

... and hummus (regular, zesty garlic, and black bean).

I also snacked on a few grapes and almonds.

A vegetarian meal was on the menu for dinner. We had stuffed portobello mushrooms and warm spinach salad. The portobello mushrooms were pretty good-- I probably won't blog about those since I followed this recipe from Veggie Num Num. These were really rich and hearty-- the stuffing includes lots of feta cheese and pine nuts. However, I wasn't too fond of the tahini yogurt sauce that accompanied the recipe.

On the other hand, the Warm Spinach Salad was wonderful so I posted that at Goode Taste.

I will leave you on a happy note with photos of tonight's dessert:

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