Friday, May 21, 2010

The Great Outdoors

I got wrapped up in the season finales of Bones and Fringe last night and didn't post as I had to devote my complete attention to two of my three favorite shows. I spent a lot of time outside yesterday. In addition to the usual morning walk with Kobe, I planted some plants in front of the house for my mom.

There is a snakeskin in the front of the house so I made sure to wear jeans and shoes in case I encountered the legless reptile. Believe me, I had my eyes peeled!

Here's one of the planters (I forgot to take an after photo)....

The rest of the afternoon was devoted to going to the grocery store at the other end of the county (it has the best selection), making fruit salad, and cooking dinner, which was Two-Tomato Pesto Pasta (click here for the recipe).

Yesterday was a strength day, so after I walked Kobe I came home, ate two eggs and some fruit for some fuel and protein, and got to work. I did one of the lower body workouts from I Want That Body, and then followed it up with Karen Voight's Firm Arms & Abs. This is an oldie that uses fairly light weights, but the DOMS hits hard the next day. Her tricep work is killer, and my triceps were shaking just thinking about it!

Lunch was a salad...

With pita chips and hummus.

So far this morning, Kobe and I went on our walk, I got in another short workout once we got back, and cleaned up. It started to rain as we were reaching the car, and it is forecasted to rain all day, so I'm really glad we got that walk in early. 

I'm off to get my haircut, eat lunch with my mom, and run some errands. Then I'm cooking two new dishes for dinner: stuffed portobello mushrooms and warm spinach salad.

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