Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On the go!

I was on the go all day today and taking photos didn't come to mind. The morning began with an early wake-up call as Kobe and I got in a walk before my parents and I headed to Atlanta to run some errands. Mom and I stocked up on make-up at Bare Escentuals, and then headed to a plant store so mom could buy plants for her window boxes (but guess who gets to plant them all on Thursday ;-)!).

From there we headed to Whole Foods where I learned an important fact about cheese: pecorino refers to sheep's milk cheese in general. I was under the impression that pecorino was a specific type of cheese (like fontina, parmesan, or gruyere), but there are lots of different kinds. Thankfully a helpful cheese monger helped me find some excellent pecorino for snacking.

After our trip to Whole Paycheck Foods, we went to lunch at a Lebanese Bistro, Mezza. My parents LOVE this place, but I was a little skeptical about how good hummus, baba ghannouge, and falafel could be. I was surprised by how flavorful all the food was-- all the other hummus I have had paled in comparison to Mezza's recipe. I got the deluxe vegetarian sampler that included baba ghannouge, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, muhammara (kind of a pepper pesto), falafel, salad, and pita bread. My plate was wiped clean!!!  The chef makes everything fresh and from scratch and you can taste the care she puts into the food. DELICIOUS!!! Even the stuffed grape leaves were good (the ones I have had before have been kind of tough and leathery, but these were tender and flavorful).

I squeezed in a workout before cooking dinner (the Firm's Total Body Time Crunch). Dinner was pretty good too, if I do say so myself. I roasted chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. I'm off to watch American Idol and Lost! I can't believe the last episode of Lost is on Sunday...

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