Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nothing to do

This is the first weekend since January I have had nothing to do. No work, no moving, just sitting on a big comfy couch with Kobe laying at my feet.

Yesterday Dad and I went to Athens to eat at DePalma's (that place has the best pizza-they hand toss the dough) and this morning my parents and I took a trip to the suburbs of Atlanta (I'm not sure which suburb-there are so many).

First we paid a visit to Starbucks (I got a medium decaf skim misto) and then Petco. I picked up some rawhides and a new gentle leader for Kobester. He currently has a red gentle leader, but it doesn't match his blue collar and leash, and not to mention it's fraying.

After Petco, we headed to REI where I bought a couple of shirts. I really need some new pants, but the ones in my price range had weird pockets that wouldn't be flattering on me, or they were made of really thin material, which just won't do in a cooler Michigan climate. We also stopped by Costco before coming home.

Breakfast was cinnamon apple raisin oatmeal with Better 'N Peanut Butter. For lunch I ate leftover stir fry, a few citrus marinated mushrooms (look for that recipe later today on Goode Taste ), and an orange. Dinner will be good and healthy tonight: super veggie salad and roasted rosemary potatoes.

Kobe and Sally have been tolerating each other really well-- yesterday they took a nap in the same room, and Sally will actually stay in the same room as the dog now. However, he is still leashed since he gets a little excited when she starts to move around.

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