Sunday, May 23, 2010

Take a Hike

We took a hike this morning at Unicoi State Park near Helen, Ga. The trail was 2.5 miles so that's all the physical activity I had today. It's so much more fun to walk on a path through the woods than on a sidewalk.

I didn't do a great job of taking photos during the day, but I do have several from our hike:

Look closely and you'll see the fish!

Kobe was thirsty after logging all those miles!

This inchworm stowed away on my pant leg...

... but we gave him a ride home and set him free on a tree.

Inchworms are the caterpillar version of a geometer moth (according to Wikipedia). There are over 26,000 species of this moth and inchworms usually eat leaves (good thing I put him in a tree).

I've been super tired lately- it must be the stress from the move, trying to sell our house, etc. I was a little upset this morning as I got on the scale and it said I weighed 3 more pounds than yesterday. Just to be sure, I moved the scale around the floor and weighed myself three more times, but that higher number kept coming up. I'm hoping it's just water gain from eating salty food this weekend. I'll lay off the sodium for the next couple days and see if the number goes back down.

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