Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh Peas!

Yes, that's a bag of peas on my ankle! It's been swollen since yesterday-- it doesn't hurt very much and its not that swollen, but I'm following the rest, ice (or peas), compression, and elevation prescription. I'm not really sure what brought it on-- I didn't roll my ankle or twist it. I'm hoping it'll heal pretty quickly because I've been getting in some really great workouts. It was hurting a little bit after my 1 mile walk with Kobe and 30-minute jog on the treadmill (and most of my body hurts after that) yesterday, but the tipping point may have been the 1-hour trek around the local golf course taking pictures of our golf team... Oh bother!

Work has been really busy this week, and I've been really tired after busy days at the office so that's why there haven't been any posts. My last day at work is three weeks from tomorrow. While I'm very excited I'm also a bit nervous about not having a job lined up in Michigan. Hopefully things will fall into place.

Because of the my ankle, I skipped cleaning the house this morning (great excuse, I know :-)), and instead did a floor stretch after walking Kobe. I'm going to take it easy tomorrow and see if the swelling goes down, so tomorrow's activity will probably just be a walk with Kobe and an upper body/abs workout.

Okay, I'm off to dry some clothes and watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. There are also new episodes of Bones and Fringe on! Guess it's not a terrible night to be laid up in front of the TV :-)!

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