Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bat Dog!

 Bat Dog made an appearance this afternoon in the living room floor-you can tell its Bat Dog by the way the ear is standing straight up. It's extremely hard to photograph Bat Dog since he's an elusive creature that tends to disappear when the camera comes out, but after much patience I captured this photo:

Check out that snaggle tooth! Kobe actually has very nice teeth, but his front tooth got caught on his lip.
 This picture just makes me smile! :-)

Oh, I am stuffed. I loved holidays, but holiday eating and drinking can take its toll. I went over to our friends' house for dinner (salad, spaghetti, and garlic bread), drank a couple of beers, and came home with a lot of Easter candy and few more beers.

Here's my booty from the Easter Egg hunt (I was the only one who didn't find any beer :-(, but some kind souls took pity on me and shared).

Not that the candy I ate will kill me, but I also ate 1.5 turtle bars today. I ate half of one for quality control, and then had another after dinner.

An ooey gooey turtle bar-it is as good as it looks!

Despite not having any work, I was pretty productive. I got a lot of spring cleaning done, baked those turtle bars, and washed tons of dishes.

Fortunately I have enough dish washing detergent to handle days like this:

Not to mention my half hour run on the treadmill. Needless to say, I'm pretty pooped, feeling a bit guilty about eating all this junk food (and am silently hoping all my physical activity today will help burn off all the sugar).

I'm hitting the hay pretty soon-- Kobe and I have to get out of the house tomorrow morning since a potential buyers is coming to look at it, and I've got to get in a weight workout, and get stuff ready for baseball.

Until tomorrow....

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