Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Looks like we made it!

We finally made it to Michigan on Sunday afternoon after driving over 900 miles from South Carolina! There are tons of pictures on my cell phone from our road trip, but I'm having issues getting online at our new place. The past two days we have been busy unpacking and getting settled in to our LAKE house (um, yeah, it's pretty cool), planting a veggie/herb container garden (updates to be posted over at Goode Taste), and getting all the little things taken care of after a move (taking a tour of the area, restocking the pantry, car insurance, new license/registration).

The road trip went really well, and the only problem we have has been our timid puppy. Kobe got stuck in our upstairs bedroom yesterday and refused to come downstairs for SEVEN HOURS. Yep, he was scared to come down the steps (in his defense, our last house was one story, and the steps in our our new place are steep and narrow).  We figured the best way to get him to come down was to ignore him-- he's so needy we thought he would come down to get some attention eventually. The couple of times he peeked up at him, we was laying at the top of the stairs with his chin resting on the floor with big, wet eyes and a look that said "Help me, I'm such a wimp, I'm scared to scoot down the stairs!!!"

Will finally got him down after we were sitting outside and realizing that we needed our dog by our sides to really celebrate Memorial Day. All Will did was get Kobe's leash and the dog followed him right down on his own. Crazy puppy.

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