Sunday, June 13, 2010

Step Up!

Living in a lake cabin has its ups and downs, and this is illustrated no better than in all of the stairs on the property. Case in point: Last weekend I made the weekly run to the grocery store and arrived home with the husband nowhere in sight with a trunkful of food (fortunately only 4 bags and a cooler, but they were heavy bags!):

Upon unloading the groceries I faced a staggering climb down these:

Now, that's not so bad, but keep in mind I had to make another trip up and down, carrying at least 15 lbs. worth of stuff!

(I do have to say that my legs are looking a lot more toned ;-)).

We also have two other sets of stairs in the house (not to mention 3 more staircases outside connecting the decks). This one leads to the loft/bedroom area:

And there's another spiral staircase that leads to the basement/laundry room:

And it's guarded by this guy:

Big Rapids doesn't have much in the way of job opportunities. I've been checking the newspaper and the university's employment site. I really hope I find something soon because I'm getting BORED!!! Kobe and I walk 3-4 times a week at the park, but that only takes up so much time. There's usually not much on TV, and I'm quickly reading through my books.

I finished reading The Man Who Loved Books Too Much, The Hunger Games, and The Lost City of Z (all were excellent). I've moved onto to reading Outside 25: Classic Tales and New Voices from the Frontiers of Adventure.

Will and I did have a couple of excursions last week. We went to the football coach's house for a cookout with the incoming freshman class, and went out to eat at the Blue Cow Cafe for our anniversary on Friday. The Blue Cow was very good-I got the pan-seared duck breast and Will got the whitefish filet. WE finished our meal off by sharing the fudge brownie sundae (it was so good!). Guess it's a good thing we can burn off all those calories by climbing all these stairs!

I'll leave you with a lake view and a super cute photo of Will and Kobe.

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